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DevnullMod for SE V


DevnullMod for Space Empires V

Author: Lee "devnullicus" Wilson (devnull at


This mod is intended to make a somewhat faster-paced, though still epic-scale game of Space Empires V while addressing some of the balance issues that I have found in the weapons, facilities, and the tech tree. Through the use of the principles of miniaturization (i.e. the higher the tech level, the smaller the component/facility) and durability (the higher the tech level, the stronger the component/facility), and balancing, this mod attempts to introduce a new feel to the game and give a somewhat faster pace to the timing. Research starts out a little slower, but has a much higher potential to build up, usage of minerals, organics, and radioactives is somewhat reduced in many areas and much more balanced in general (i.e. most things don't just use minerals any more, but a more balanced mix of resources).

DevnullMod is NOT a direct port of DevnullMod for Space Empires IV, but there are a few of the same guiding principles. The changelist is just as large, though and I've personally lost track of where the mods have diverged. Suffice it to say, DevnullMod for SEV is a new mod that gives a nod to the previous mod, but is really a new and standalone mod.

This mod was built from a base of Captain Kwok's Balance Mod, V 1.09 and if many of the files look familiar, that's why. I have found Captain Kwok's work to be invaluable and a vast improvement over stock SEV (for many reasons which I won't bother going into here) and thus it was the best choice for a base to start from for DevnullMod. I have also included the readme.txt for the Balance Mod in order to give the reader a better idea of the changes from stock that the Balance Mod introduced.


Editor for Space Empires V data.

Author: Lee "devnullicus" Wilson (devnull at